Hello World!

“Hello World!”

Are there more appropriate words to start a blog about programming?
Foofology is a blog dedicated to my great passion: coding!
I’m a self-thaught programmer with a dream to become a professional developer.
This blog will host my notes and reflections about programming mostly about java and android, but maybe also  about python (which is my first love) and probably something about the new hot topic of the moment “Big data” and machine learning….
Oh, I’m forgetting that it’s the end of the 2016: it’s a great time for new year’s resolutions, so maybe there will be something about javascript also (it seems javascript is the new black in programming).
I’m writing this blog not to show expertise, but to improve myself: I’ve read many posts by professional developer saying that sharing what they have learned helped them to grasp better the subject and I believe this is true.
I’m italian, not a native English speaker, so this blog is a also a good occasion for me to improve my writing skills in English, but I have in mind to start a twing blog also in my own language in the near future (just to add another element to my stack of new year resolutions).
I confess I also hope to be of some help for someone.
Happy Coding!


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